About CSC Medical Solutions

CSC Medical Solutions is a multi-disciplinary company which brings together attorneys and other legal experts in the medical/legal field.

The funding, vetting, tracking and setting of medical procedures related to tort cases is a relatively small but sophisticated area of law and medicine. It is common for medical providers to overlook the most substantial source of payment in a medical/legal case. Most medical providers make no real effort to enter into a knowledgeable discussion with the lawyers handling the underlying tort action. Since the medical bills form a large part of any civil litigation regarding injuries wrongfully caused by another, it is important that there is co-ordination between the medical and legal providers. CSC brings both legal and medical expertise to bear in advising the medical and legal providers.

We analyze the financial viability of the cases presented to the doctors and facilities represented by us. Within a day or two we have a pretty good idea whether an elective procedure can be paid for through the case. Concomitantly, we advise our clients when the legal case is unlikely to provide sufficient funding. This allows our clients to make elective medical decisions with a high (over 90%) degree of confidence regarding payment.

Other services offered are the ability to prepay for surgical procedures based upon the financial strength of the case. We also are able to completely take over the medical/legal aspects of a provider on a fee for service basis or purchase of medical receivables at a discounted rate.